General dentistry

Helping you to keep your teeth and gums for life

The experienced dentists at Lynwood Dental and Implant Centre enjoy helping patients to keep their teeth and gums healthy and looking their good through regular visits and advice about following a good daily oral healthcare routine. If you do have any problems, then our dentists can help to solve them.

The dentists at Lynwood Dental and Implant Centre in Worcester Park near Kingston provide a wide range of general dentistry including:

  • Preventive care

    Preventive care – helping you to keep your teeth and gums healthy – is at the heart of our practice philosophy.  We recommend regular dental check-ups to help you achieve and maintain a good level of oral health and minimise treatment needs.

  • Dental hygiene

    Seeing the hygienist regularly is a vital part of taking the best possible care of your teeth and gums. Our hygienist can play a key role in helping you to maintain a healthy mouth, avoiding problems such as decay and gum disease.

  • Children's dentistry

    We are strongly committed to providing a great service to our younger patients, showing them how best to care for their teeth so they can enjoy a confident smile for life.

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This page was last updated on the 5th of February 2019