This letter comes to say a big thank you for your treatment since November. Your practice was recommended to me, however I just wanted to say personally my own appreciation. My first delight is your genuine enthusiasm for your work.  As an artist I so appreciate this and your fascination with good craftsmanship.  My heart was leaping for joy when you saw the delicate, careful work in the tooth to be bridged, and the placing of it with photography.

Thank you. Yes I too now know I am not the only one with a camera and taking close-up of things that delight me! (Mine tend to be rocks and plants) I’ve found that I keep looking to find (in the mirror) which tooth it is!  Although this is the ‘treat’ after the rest of the treatment, I must say that what I really appreciate is you giving me back my confidence in dentists.  I’ve had friends who were dentists and have had some good professional attitude but some approach was quite the reverse! Your attitude, skill, touch are much appreciated.

Once again, thank you so much and may you and the team have a lovely Easter.