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Fantastic experience very professional, I had restorative work done after bad experiences with other Dentists. Couldn’t recommend Scott highly enough. Really pleased with the results.


I've had multiple problems in the past, with my teeth and had sub optimal experiences with dentists. I found Scott Simpson to be highly skilled and professional and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.


I feel I must write and thank you for the excellent treatment you gave me. My "4 Crowns" look superb and are very comfortable. I must also mention the courtesy and help I received from your staff all of which I greatly appreciate.


I have been meaning to write and thank you for your so-gentle and kind care when I had to have a tooth extracted in May. But since then I have been so caught up with having a book published which came out in October that everything has gone out of my mind. Anyway I experienced no trouble at all after the extraction and would like to thank you (belatedly) very much.


After consultation with my dentist, Scott Simpson, I decided to embark on a long course of treatment to improve my chewing ability.

Thereafter followed a meeting with Bill Schaeffor who explained, in depth, what he could do, how it would be done and, as I am a diabetic, the likelihood of success. Shortly after I received a full treatment plan and, with some trepidation, decided to have an implant.

Any worries I had were totally unjustified. Each preparation treatment was carried out with the minimum of pain and discomfort and 8 months later I am almost ready for the final work, then it’s gap away!

Finally, I am wheelchair bound, so that kindness of everyone, at the Practice, to my special needs is really appreciated.


I would like to thank you for all the extra effort and kindness you and your receptionist/ assistant (I'm sorry I didn't get her name) showed me in ensuring that my tooth was fully repaired last Wednesday as an emergency.

The use of your new Cerec procedure has worked brilliantly, my tooth is now settled down and pain free. It was also fascinating to be able to see the new implant being designed & carved before my eyes.

When I had the pre cardiac operation dental examination last Friday, I was given the go ahead to have the operation tomorrow. So I can now have my heart valve operation without having to worry about having a temporary crown coming loose and acting as a source of infection to my heart valve.

Thank you again.


As a very nervous patient I was delighted with the care and treatment I received at the Lynwood Dental Care surgery.


My wife’s experience is just as striking. When she first went to the Lynwood Dental Practice she hated going to the dentist and had to have a general anesthetic before anything could be done to her teeth.  Now she does not dread visits to the dentist and never needs to be anaesthetised.


As a 'dental phobic' I cannot recommend Dr Scott Simpson and Lynwood Dental Care highly enough. They really do take good care of you both dentally and psychologically. Everything is done at your own pace, and with full explanations. They only do the work you need and want. Fantastic care; fantastic professionalism. Thoroughly recommended.


Thank you so very much for the excellent result of your treatment of what, in my opinion, was a very complex problem. I am thrilled with the result and the total redundancy of the need of a dental plate.

I must say, I never expect to find such advanced treatment outside W1. I consider myself very fortunate to have been given your name by Monica; it’s so good not to have to keep trailing up to the West End, that is now a thing of the past for me.

I shall, of course, continue as a patient, but such was the complexity of the problem/s with which I first presented and which you have now, most wonderfully resolved, I felt I just had on this occasion, to record my appreciation.